A Little Bit About Me

My name is Rachel and I live in the beautiful village of Glenbeigh, on the Ring of Kerry. My connection to my local area and appreciation of nature has really supported my recent transition home to Kerry.

I have a Masters in Social Work through University College Cork. I have always had a passion for helping others and a curiosity with regards to human behaviour and emotions. I completed a Diploma in Mindfulness and Positive Psychology with The Irish Mindfulness Academy in 2021 after my professional life led me on a path towards Mindfulness.

My Path Towards Mindfulness

Since 2014 I have worked in different areas of social work, most recently in the area of mental health. My role included assessing the needs of individuals and creating person-centred support plans which were focused on empowerment and acknowledging strengths. While this was very rewarding, the fast-paced working environments led me to explore ways to support my own physical and mental health as I found myself experiencing exhaustion and burn out.

I began practicing Mindfulness regularly in 2015, however, it was only when I started to explore the theory and scientific evidence through Neuroscience and Psychology that I gained an in-depth understanding of how the mind works. Practicing Mindfulness changed the way I responded to stress and positively impacted how I engaged and supported others to cultivate awareness and develop healthier habits. Incorporating Mindfulness into my work with individuals, families and various community groups became an important part of my role. This led me to completing my teacher training in Mindfulness and Positive Psychology.

I am passionate about supporting people to understand their mental health and learn ways to heal and regulate their nervous system in environments which are safe and nurturing. Providing services which are evidence based while also sensitive and heart-focused has brought a sense of purpose and joy to my life.

Providing Mindfulness courses and workshops in my local community is something that means a lot to me, and I really believe in the power of connection which can often get lost in modern life. Additionally, Mindfulness has encouraged me to commit to having a more balanced life, exploring passions and new interests. I have reignited my love for all things relating to nature and the outdoors. Nature has been incredibly healing for me and I am passionate about supporting people to embrace the resources that surround us through Mindfulness.  

What My Clients Say


“It was something I always wanted to do but never got around to. How perfect that Rachel was running a mindfulness course in Glenbeigh. Rachel created a lovely welcoming space. It was nice to learn more about mindfulness and why the mind works the way it does. Some really great take-aways and techniques. “


“I cannot thank Rachel enough for her incredible mindfulness course that I recently completed. Over the six weeks, I learned valuable techniques for managing stress and increasing awareness in my daily life. Rachel’s passion for mindfulness shone through in every class and her support and honesty made each class so meaningful. We were given the opportunity to explore different techniques to integrate mindfulness into our day to day lives and with Rachel’s guidance I really learned what works best for me personally. I enjoyed the informal chats with Rachel and the group each week and learned so much from these conversations too. I completed the course just before Christmas and found the tools we learned so incredibly useful during the busy season. I highly recommend this course.”


“I loved doing this course with Rachel. The environment was so calm and relaxing. Rachel is so nice and welcoming. I was nervous the first night especially in a new group but she really made me feel at ease. Rachel created a safe space for me to open up to everyone. She gave everyone a chance to discuss how they were getting on or if there was anything that came up during the week for them. She never rushed anyone and she always had a cuppa and nice treats ready for the chats. The six weeks went so fast. I highly recommend this course to anyone. Rachel’s passion for mindfulness is evident and definitely contagious.”


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